Boost your cashflow by claiming R&D Tax Credits

You don’t need to be a tech giant to access government tax supports. Let us maximise this scheme for you.

We’re R&D experts for the Tech Industry

R&D is one of your largest costs as you grow. Significant cash R&D refunds allow you to stretch your runway, scale your headcount or reduce your funding requirements. R&D tax credits help you stay competitive in a global market.

Our Track Record

  • 100%

    Success rate over 8 years

  • €20M+

    Total claimed to-date

  • 200+

    Claims processed

Our Approach

  • Risk Free

    You only pay us when you receive your refund.

  • Expert

    In-house experts who know how to maximise your claim.

  • Trusted

    Respected advisor to our many multi-service and stand-alone R&D clients.

R&D in the Tech industry in Ireland

Currently around 700 submissions in the tech space per year, valued at €120M. Tax refunded per company per year approx €170k. Startups are historically poor at claiming this relief, with a significant number of companies eligible but not claiming.

With Covid-19 upon us, now is the time to claim.

Does Your Business Qualify?

Question 1

Is your company taking a risk by innovating /developing a process, product, or service?

Question 2

Does your project team face uncertain technological outcomes at the start of the project?

Question 3

Does your project go beyond applying existing technologies?

We specialise in R&D in the Tech Industry.

Our R&D Process

  • 1
    Refund Assessment

    We’ll get a broad understanding of your eligible projects and discuss which projects or sub-projects will satisfy Revenue criteria as being Research and Development. Based on these eligible projects we discuss what operating and capital expenditure Revenue allow. We will then make an overall assessment of the likely refunds possible.

    We explain each step in the process and once you are happy to proceed we all sign our R&D engagement letter.

  • 2
    Submission Preparation

    We complete all Revenue returns and Revenue’s required support pack.

    This is an essential part of the claim process and one which can de-rail refunds if it is not completed to the highest standards. We will identify the core technological uncertainties and advances that lead to qualifying activity and also the phases of the development life-cycle.

    Our R&D pack will set out both the detailed accounting and scientific tests, along with the context of the development to support the claim.

  • 3
    Follow the cash

    We follow your claim and ensure you receive your credit or cash refund promptly.

    Legislation and Revenue guidelines are not entirely in sync. We’ll ensure you avoid the pitfalls as we know precisely the rules, regulations and how best to maximise your claim. Because your claim may be picked for an Audit Aspect Query our R&D pack is completed to the highest standards to maximise the likelihood of a swift assessment and approval.

Our Fee Structure

  • Clear and transparent - Fixed % fee within a min / max total fee range
  • Start to Finish - Our fees includes everything, from claiming to supporting
  • Nothing up-front - ideal pricing structure for growth companies

Why your R&D is so important

    To your business

    • An essential source of cash injection

      R&D tax credits provide an essential source of non-repayable / non-diluting funding for many growth businesses where cash is so necessary.

    • Enables long term success

      R&D tax credits help encourage businesses to invest and re-invest in innovation in order to achieve long term success

    To our economy

    • Significantly increases employment

      R&D tax credits encourage & attract employers to create and grow employment in Ireland.

    • Makes Ireland competitive globally

      R&D tax credits help put Ireland at the forefront of R&D and innovation across the globe.

Here’s the proof

How we helped Newswhip

Profitpal has been a true, high performing partner for NewsWhip in all of our accounting and tax needs, especially in complex R&D tax credits.

Paul Quigley – CEO


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