Save €’000 on support and training with ProfitPal

As part of our Core and Plus packages we offer unlimited support and training. But what does that actually mean.

Breaking it down into its two components 1. Support 2. Training is means the following

Unlimited Support

Its a guarantee that all your system queries are dealt with immediately without incurring any additional costs. – How ? – By calling us, preferably skype and we’ll sort those queries out online immediately. It’s as simple as that. The last thing we want is for internal book-keepers to get stuck on a posting or a transaction and to abandon it. We want owners to have accurate information all the time. If the same query keeps cropping up then its probably time for some formal training which is also covered – see below.

Its also a guarantee that all your routine accounting and tax queries are dealt with without incurring any additional costs. We’re already doing your tax and accounting returns so asking questions about them is encouraged and it doesn’t cost you anything so there’s no reason not to be fully informed. We see it as a smart way to do business. 

Unlimited Training 

We’ve been training clients on Xero for the past four years, so much so that recently we decided to formalise it and schedule the training dates in our Waterford offices. Check out our events section via eventbrite for all the best in on-going training. It will turn your accounts staff into super users in no time. What’s best is that all this training is FREE for clients. For non clients to complete all modules we charge a total fee of €594 per person.