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Business Development Officer & Marketing Trainee / Intern

Business Development Officer & Marketing Trainee / Intern

This position is also advertised on Jobs Bridge Ref. Inte-845989

The intern will gain practical experience in: Developing and implementing marketing plans for the expansion of the ProfitPal service throughout Ireland.

The intern will assist in segmenting markets and developing marketing strategies, undertaking field and desk based research, meeting and forging positive relationships with stakeholders, agencies, potential clients, PR/Promotion and building awareness.

The intern will receive formal/informal training in the following:

  • PR Promotion Social Media,
  • Blog Management
  • CRM Systems and Process
  • Quote software
  • Event Management and building awareness.
  • Learn about building and developing target databases.
  • Learn about how to “Workshop” a marketing campaign

On completion the intern will have attained skills in: Online financial services Marketing, Social Media and PR Promotion skills.