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Accountex 2014 – The Smell of Fear

Accountex 2014 – The Smell of Fear

A technology conference for accountants. Really !!

In two weeks time London will host the annual Accountex conference . It’s a technology conference for accountants and while I can’t think of any reason why it would have existed 4 years ago, all that has now changed in the world of accounting and finance.  Cloud technology has rewritten the rules for the small to medium sized business owners when it comes to engaging with their customers, staff and financial advisors.  There are now a significant number of cloud accounting providers who offer incredibly useful and straightforward systems to the market and all of them will be present at this conference.

  • If you’re thinking of implementing or changing your accounting / financial system to run your business you should be there
  • If you can’t make it your accountant should be there

ProfitPal win Xero partner of the year 2013

Partner of the Year

After attending the inaugural Xerocon London 2012 event I wondered if Xerocon 2013 would meet the same high standards. The reality was it blew way past it. This conference has become far more than one companys’ explosive growth gathering, it has become an industry must-attend conference.

The conference serves a number of key purposes for us:

  • Team building and networking. The full Profitpal team travelled to London again, we close our offices 3 times a year, Christmas, Easter and xerocon. It’s an offsite trip where we get to spend a few days discussing our business strategy and meet like-minded accountants to share stories. To me it is invaluable and I would recommend any firm who is moving to the cloud to bring their entire team.
  • For people new to Xero it displays the core functionality and value adding user experience that has brought Xero such worldwide following. It also shows us the latest Xero functionality and development plans.
  • We get to catch up with the Xero team who support us throughout the year and we meet the add-on partners who form an ever increasing role in ours and our clients businesses. Xero now has over 270 add on partners, all vibrant companies in their own right, and all building business solutions for aspiring businesses who are the target market of the accounting profession attendees.
  • We gather insight into building a marketing edge and tweaking our sales process in an industry where marketing and sales has been mostly absent.

The show this year was held in the Brewery on Chiswell lane, it’s quite the place, 500 people packed the main hall, the Xero stage and set up was like something out of a rock concert. This company is coming of age and it shows in the approach they are taking during these events. This was apple-esk